Get Nutrition On Your Side

When medication, lifestyle difficulties, and health conditions pile up, food can work against us by magnifying and accelerating life’s challenges. Together, we turn this around by helping you use nutrition as a powerful tool for improving your overall health.
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Easy to use, a pleasure to follow

“RxDiet is like a friendly nutritionist in my pocket. Eating well has never felt easy, but now I feel like I know how!”
Mary, 65
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Not quite a doctor, more like a friend

“I’ve spent years knowing I wasn’t doing myself any favors eating fast food and the like. But what other options did I have? This is the first time I’ve had the option to eat well without having to move or quit my job just to cook!”
Rosina, 76
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A diet plan made for me

“Fresh food tastes good, and cooking with family feels good. But knowing I can handle my diabetes and keep myself away from extra appointments at the clinic? That’s just amazing. RxDiet is a godsend.”
Mack, 54

The RxDiet Advantage

Learning modules provide more than just directions. Gather the information you need when you need it most.
We take care of planning your meals every week, so you can have more time for eating well.
Shopping mad easier than ever -- we help get the freshest groceries right onto your doorstep.
Save money with the most affordable meal options in the country.
Cooking made simple, with common ingredients and quick-to-cook, tasty recipes.
Lifestyle support, with guidance on how to incorporate casual or formal habits with your custom diet.
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Truly Personalized

Ours is not a one size fits all approach -- it’s a your size fits you approach. Every detail is tailored to your preferences and needs.