Reimagining Food as Medicine

We partner with health plans and at-risk organizations to engage the most vulnerable, chronically-ill, members or patients with medically tailored, fresh ingredient delivery and behavioral & dietary guidance.
Cost-Controlled. Distributed Anywhere.
Karl healthy living made simple

Healthy eating made simple.

I no longer spend hours deciding what to eat, only to end up in the drive-thru. I get easy and affordable recipes right on my phone, and fresh ingredients right to my door. To be blunt: getting my life back on track wouldn’t have happened without RxDiet
Karl, 45

How it works

Patient Survey

Provide information on health concerns, body makeup and food preferences right in the dashboard & app.

Personalized Program

The AI software and our live care team develop an individualized nutrition program with a unique mix of recipes, guidance, dietary counseling and share it with you.

Fresh Ingredient Delivery

Local retail and distribution partners provide fresh groceries straight to your door.

Food Benefits Bridge The Gap

The majority of Medicare Advantage plans now offer a food benefit (as of 2021). When distributed effectively this is rapidly becoming the leading tool in the health plan toolbox to drive health outcomes, boost marketability, and secure member engagement.

Lowest Cost, Highest Return

Delivering scalable and affordable nutrition while simultaneously ensuring adherence to a medically-backed plan, resulting in a significant improvement to outcomes and costs of care.

Improve Marketability

Make nutrition a key differentiator, increasing NPS and retention, while improving outcomes for providers, payors, and patients.

Patient Engagement

Get insights into day-to-day patient interactions, increasing patient satisfaction and patient engagement, all while improving health outcomes.
RxDiet results backed by research

Our (Not So) Secret Sauce

Innovation backed by cutting-edge technology is at the center of what we do. Our technological solution to personalized nutrition allows us to offer a hyper-individualized experience. We give patients the support necessary to achieve the sustainable outcomes and long-term change they deserve.
Expert statement

Backed By Science

Effective nutrition is a critical component in improving health outcomes. Or, put more simply, great food is the best medicine. Today, more and more medical practitioners and healthcare providers are understanding food and nutrition as the most valuable front-line treatment of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease.

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